Because life is not simply “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.”

(December 26, 2020)

“You have demonstrated achievement of learning outcomes.” “Very good!” “Excellent!”

Reading those words after taking an exam would bring relief after days of hardwork. But sometimes, those words mean nothing when you are already in the business of just showing up to your responsibilities.

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In a few hours, I will start working on my unfinished requirements for the sem. I have only rested for two days and I have seen this month the worst in my medschool journey — studying nephrology for only 3 weeks with tons of requirements. And no, I am fine. I have chosen…

We also suffer from other othings.

After our last online small group discussion for the week, I intentionally took a break from my academics. I immediately called my mother because I promised that I will assist her in visiting her doctor. And I tell you, it was not an easy decision.

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I have been writing about trying to make sense of life, relationships, and everything in between since the start of the pandemic. I have also written a couple of articles on common struggles in our time such as loneliness and pan-academic stress. Many of us have made some small experiments on adapting to a remote-everything…

One truth we can all agree on— we miss our friends.

(Sept 12, 2020)
Alvin and I were classmates in a marine science course in college. We were not coursemates — I was a Biology major, and he was an Education major specializing in Biology. We were five seats apart in the class, so we had a low chance of talking to one another. One day, I approached him because of the shirt he was wearing. Printed on the shirt was the name of a youth organization familiar to me. We talked about the people I knew in that organization. Since then, our small talks became more frequent.

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I could still…

I frequently ask my friends with the question: How do you cope with the pan- academic (pandemic x academic) stress? They would also ask me the same question, and my default answer is: enjoying medschool kahit online pero nakakapagod din pala kahit mahal mo ginagawa mo.

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The pressure to be productive is here. Those days of being idle in the midst of the pandemic have gone — we must deliver and comply. I have even come to a place in my pandemic life where I did not care about naming my feelings and thoughts. Either I feel bad at time…

I was not able to attend the call request of a friend. He told me the next day that he wallowed in his morning bicycle routine. He has not yet moved on from issues of the past. That is something we have all experienced at least once in our lives. We doubt our progress and feel stuck, and healing seems like an eternity. There is the common feeling of one step forward, two steps back. This friend has been sharing a lot in recent months about his struggles, and he could just hope that things would eventually fall into places.

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I was diagnosed with multiple complications in my internal organs last month. I woke up at around 3 am on June 3 to an unbearable pain in my lower abdomen and back radiating to the groin area. Ultrasound was performed, and unsurprisingly, three stones were seen in my right kidney.

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Due to financial considerations, my parents and I chose taking meds over shockwave therapy and surgery to manage and treat the disease. The compromise? I had to endure the recurring pain. Few days after getting admitted to the hospital, I experienced the same pain again. Unfortunately, painkillers would not work…

It’s on the seventh day of March this year when I was asked this question: Vincent, where are you going?

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It was in a room saturated with a familiar smell. Water leaks from the faucet could be heard all over the place. Dirty marks and scratches on the white walls were disturbing. The cool from the air conditioner couldn’t keep up with the high temperature; the summer season had just commenced. The person on the other end of the table had been keeping her gaze on me.

I was so alive but tamed. I was all ears but unresponsive. My…

Survival tips for incoming med school freshies (an article in the UPCM 2019 FOP Primer)

Much has been said about the reality of being in med school. Part of your adjustment in your first year is activating the spells and charms you could use for your whole stay in the college. You could access all of them in your spellbooks, but here is a preview to some essentials.

The essentials

Feather-light Charm: I need to take a break.

As you go through all the hurdles in med school, learn to make things more lightweight. Make it a habit to take mental breaks in between studying your transes and books. Giving your brain a rest is more productive than fooling yourself studying without absorbing too much…

Two days ago, I was writing an article about Ilocos empanada and miki. Unfortunately, I could not find any old pictures of Batac empanada in my archives. I messaged my friends if they have any. One of them was a high school friend.

To be honest, I was hesitant at first because we are not that close. Since we were chatting a few weeks ago, I thought it would just be okay to ask for a favor. I was desperately in need of “original” pictures, and so I took the courage to message him.

The last time I saw this…

I was strolling with my niece when I received the notification that some of our remaining grades were already out. During the first wave of release last week, I felt both disappointment and contentment. It was disappointing because I was not used to seeing many grades that are line of 2, but there was a stronger feeling of contentment because I know that I worked hard for my grades.

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Today, I got my first line of 1 grade. It was Biochem. I love Biochem; in fact, I got an uno in my undergrad! Though we know that it would be…

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